Appendix 11: LILAC ethical policy

In all our involvements/interactions with external institutions, companies, banks etc, including:

  • Investments

  • Trading

  • Financial activities

  • Acceptance of loans, grants and donations

  • Employing contractors

  • Hiring services

We will:

  1. Endeavor to work with companies and trading partners who share our values.

  1. Not support or benefit from:

  • involvement in the nuclear power industry

  • manufacture or involvement in animal testing of cosmetic, household products or ingredients

  • involvement in the animal fur trade

  • involvement in bloodsports

  • manufacture or trade of military equipment

  1. Try to avoid and minimise our trading with companies that benefit from:

  • extraction and production of fossil fuels

  • manufacture of polluting chemicals

  • involvement in unsustainable forestry and timber trade

  • manufacture of tobacco products

  • involvement in animal farming

  • involvement in genetic modification

  • involvement in animal testing for medical purposes

  • involvement in exploitative pornography

  • involvement in any form of environmental degradation

  • exploitative working conditions

  1. In assessing our business activities we will uphold the human rights of all and we will only work and trade with organisations and individuals which are tolerant and accepting of all regardless of: gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, class, age.

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