meeting outsideLilac members are dedicated to helping people learn about our project and support groups developing their own. Due to our limited resources and the high level of interest we (gratefully) recieve, we are unable to satisfy individual requests and site visits. Instead, we hold scheduled site tours and Learning Days that usually take place on a weekend afternoon, and which focus on different aspects of Lilac and cohousing projects. See our 2017 programme below.



We hope to see you at one of our events soon. In the meantime we offer a useful list of resources on Lilac and cohousing related research listed below.





Learning Programme 2017:

There will be an option to sign up for each day on Eventbrite closer to the time. We ask for a small donation as a booking fee to cover our costs, and a limited number of volunteer-on-the-day sessions. Email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or to reserve a place in advance.



1st July - General Tour Book your place here!

16th September - Affordability 


To anyone developing a project similar to the Lilac low impact cohousing co-operative, please fill out this survey for the Lilac 'group support' day (early 2017). We would love to hear about your ideas and needs so we can structure the event. We want to support active groups in moving forward with their projects. You can fill in the form here.




Learning Resources


A book about Lilac by one of our founding members, Paul Chatterton: Low Impact Living: A field guide to ecological, affordable community building, Routledge, 2015. Purchase here.


Articles and information about Lilac:

Paul Chatterton, 'Towards an Agenda for post-carbon cities: Lessons from LILAC, the UK's first ecological, affordable cohousing community', International Journal for Urban and Regional Research. Download article draft here.


Briefing sheets available on our website: Low ImpactAffordabilityCommunity


Film about Lilac

TedX talk on Lilac

Presentation on Lilac

Green build blog on Lilac

Paul Chatterton interview on Transition Culture 

New Start feature

Mutual Shared Ownership feature


Diggers and Dreamers profile page 


UK Cohousing Network profile page



Some useful further reading on cohousing:


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The UK cohousing network is a useful membership organisation for emerging groups:





Lilac is a Mutual Home Ownership Society (No. 30689R)