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The Guardian, July 2015: Urban Commons have Radical Potential: It's Not Just about Community Gardens


The Guardian, 6 May, 2015: Councils look to radical alternatives to solve the UK's housing crisis 


Yorkshire Post, Mar 2015: Pioneering Strawbale Housing Project is a Lesson in Living

Retiremove, Mar 2015: Why We Should Build more Homes Made from Straw

My Community, Mar 2015: Comunity Economic Development - Story

Sunday Express, Mar 2015: Could Straw Homes be the Answer to Britain's Housing Crisis?

The Guardian, Nov 2014: How to Create Happy Communities Through Co-Housing

The Guardian, Apr 2014: Lilac voted second in Guardian Top Eco Homes in the UK

Sunday Times, Nov 2013: The Ecos Have Landed

Blue and Green Tomorrow, Oct 2013: The Guide to Sustainable Homes






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Lilac featured in the February 2012 edition of Smallholder magazine. If you can't read the text then click on the image to download a PDF of the article


Lilac is a Mutual Home Ownership Society (No. 30689R)